The Tweeter of the Free World | The Tweeter of the Free World
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The Tweeter of the Free World

The Tweeter of the Free World

This book idea came to us because we could never get enough of Donald Trump’s tweets. After all of the times we would find ourselves with tears in our eyes from laughing too hard, we began to notice something that was quite powerful. Something that we thought we could take a unique and light-hearted approach to understand President Donald J. Trump. From the beginning of his Twitter days and all the way to the presidency, Trump has never changed. Most importantly, these tweets really exemplified that he is just like everybody else. This type of communication is exactly what drew people to him throughout the presidential race of 2016.

The Tweeter of the Free World evolved from a book to make people laugh to having a true purpose. We use Trump’s tweets and use photos to portray a message. The message of how a non-politician effectively used social media to connect with the American people like no one ever has before. We reach out to the readers of the book in a unique and personal way to show that there is a method to Trump’s “madness”.

We truly hope that this book will bring you the same painful laughter that it brought to us and show you a new perspective into the life of The Tweeter of the Free World.

Let’s Make America Great Again,

William Clark and Jon Werthen Jr.